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New Blogger On The Block: Diary of a First Time Mom

Our new blogger on the block is:

Diary of a First Time Mom by Heather Hopson

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I wanted to merge the two things I loved most—Journalism and Baby C. I was a stay-at-home mom who spent a lot of time reading baby blogs, chasing the latest parenting news, and exposing my daughter to videos, books, and classes. Although I enjoyed being a mom, I missed being a reporter. So, God poured lots of ideas into my brain (I really can’t take the credit as I was sleep deprived and forgetful!) I connected with other bloggers, a production company, and a graphic and web designer. After a long labor, Diary of a First Time Mom was born and I returned to work full-time days prior!

I believe Diary of a First Time Mom stands out from other baby blogs.
Even though you can’t reinvent the wheel, you can buy new tires, add fancy rims, and drive your ideas to the next level. 

The blog is confessional. I want other moms to know they’re not alone, even if they don’t have financial or emotional support. In my own mother’s words, I tell house business! I write about being dumped in my second trimester, getting stretch marks, and receiving WIC benefits. Fortunately, my family has stuck by me and allowed Baby C to become the boss.

The blog is also humorous. Followers will swap stress for smiles when they read posts, such as Odd Advice and Stuff Single Moms Say (written by the comedian who brought you the viral video Stuff Boujie Black Girls Say.) 

The blog is informative. We offer advice and provide information on everything from placenta encapsulation and postpartum sex to eczema in infants and fertility yoga. Very Smart Brothas Relationship Guru Damon Young, Leading Black Pediatric Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Treadwell, and Hip Hop’s Financial Advisor Rob Wilson are among our experts.

The blog is relatable. Although some topics target the African American mother, the blog is written with ALL moms in mind. The stories make everyone laugh, cry, or shake their head. You don’t have to be a new mom to join our community either. Maybe you’re trying to conceive, already pregnant, a seasoned mom, or a new dad.

What is the promise that you make to people who visit your blog?

I promise to tell the truth. I reveal intimate details about being dumped over the phone while pregnant (after being in a nearly three year relationship.) I share how I went from living on a beach in the Cayman Islands to living with my sister and her family. I talk about humbling myself and signing up for WIC and Medicaid benefits when I decided to quit my job and return to my hometown. I also talk about how my faith and family has led to a full-time job (created just for me based on my background!) and a blogging business.

I tell my business to let other moms know they're not alone. They may not raise their children in the "ideal" two-parent household but they are blessed nonetheless! I show people how my life couldn't be better, how I spend my Saturdays at Mommy & Me classes, and how I don't have to be perfect to be a good mother. Being a new mom is an adventure, and I promise to take readers on a wild ride through my trials and triumphs.

Who are your blogging inspirations or heroes?

There are so many people to choose from. I have to say Damon Young from Very Smart Brothas. He's not a mommy blogger as you despite his blogging success and busy schedule, he has answered my questions, listened to my cries, and pointed me in the right direction, all after I forced him to mentor Yes, I was a Facebook stalker, but he went to my high school, so I thought that wasn't weird, right???

I also LOVE fellow h.s. alum Gina Hill's blog The Write Curl Diary. She also teams up with Kim Jackson at Peace, Love, and Pretty Things.

Diary of a First Time Mom's Top Three Blog Posts:

First Came Love, Then Came the Carriage

Mom Minutes Honors Jacqueline "i'm a Survivor" Howard

Very Smart Brothas Gives Very Smart Dating Advice to Diary of a First Time Mom

A Sneak Peek:

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