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2013 Black Weblog Awards Schedule

For those of you who have been waiting for the 2013 Black Weblog Awards schedule, here it is!

 Nominations will open on August 1st and close on September 6th. 


 2013 Black Weblog Awards Schedule

July 15th - 2013 Categories Announced

August 1, 2013 - September 6, 2013 Nominations

September 16- September 26th First Round of Voting

October 1-October 12, 2013 Finalist Voting

November 2, 2013 - Winners Announced- Awards Dinner & Black Social Media Summit.


PLEASE don't attempt to submit your blog now. There is no other way to have your blog considered other than the nomination process. Yes, the awards will be announced live at the Black Social Media Summit in Houston, TX on November 2, 2013.


Yes, there will be a nomination fee again this year which will help fund the physical awards that will go to all winners. 


If you would like to prepare for the awards season, I would suggest evaluating your social networks and strategizing how to mobilize your audience to vote for you in the first and second round of voting. If you think you have a pretty good chance of winning or just want to hang out with your favorite bloggers, you can start running the cost of plane fare to Houston to collect your award in person on November 2nd. All nominees and finalists in attendance will be recognized in some way in addition to the winners. 


We hope that this stems the flow of emails and eases your fear that you will miss out on the awards season. We're glad you're excited. These are all of the details we can make public at this time.


Blogger Spotlight: SocaMom...Because Motherhood is CAH-NEE-VAL!

Our Blogger Spotlight is: Motherhood is CAH-NEE-VAL! by Eva Greene-Wilson

Why did you decide to start blogging?

Once I became a parent, and started meeting other parents, I realized that my style of parenting was different because I was brought up in a Caribbean household. I decided to start this blog to share resources for parents with roots in the Caribbean who are raising their children outside of the West Indies. I believe that giving children and parents access to their roots truly empowers and inspires them.

When people come to your blog, what will they find?

When people visit my blog, they will find a little bit of everything. I am a Caribbean American mom, who loves technology, sci-fi, and shoes, which means that people will find everything from Caribbean family events and West Indian recipes to movie reviews and fabulous footwear. One of the goals of the blog is to provide resources for parents raising their children outside of the Caribbean, so they will find plenty of activity and coloring sheets in my downloads section, a calendar with Caribbean events, recipes, and interviews with Caribbean parents. is also my personal blog, so there are family stories and parenting advice as well.

What's the promise you make to people who visit your blog?

I can promise that my reviews will be honest and my shoes will be fabulous. Other than that - I don't make any promises!

The's Top Three Blog Posts:

Dear Crayola...

5 Ways to Nurture, Encourage, and Support the Organized Child

Where Are You FROM: The Olympics and Question of National Origin, Citizenship, and Belonging for Caribbean Americans


Blogger Spotlight: Productivity LLC

Our Blogger Spotlight is:

Productivity LLC by Shimira Williams.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I was frustrated answering the same questions from people. I thought a blog would be perfect to house and share all the information I know about technology.

When people come to your blog, what will they find?

They will find tips and how-to video on various technology that help people and organizations communicate and collaborate more productively

Who are your blogging inspirations or heroes?

Very Smart Brothers


Blogger Spotlight: The Sister Source

Our Blogger Spotlight is:

The Sister Source by Sister Stephanie.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I wanted to be a voice for women of color that are so often overlooked in the policy landscape.

When people come to your blog, what will they find?

Interesting facts, opportunities for action, and connections to movements designed to help vulnerable populations.

What's the promise you make to people who visit your blog?

That if they stick around they will learn something new!

Who are your blogging inspirations or heroes?

For Harriett--love the broad scope of topics and contributors. Madame Noire--wish I could have as many women interested in issues as they have in fashion and gossip!

The Sister Source's Top Three Blog Posts:

Mobilize Monday: Support Mental Health in Schools Act

Friday Facts: Do You Vote for Mayor This Year?

Surviving Summer With Your College Student


Blogger Spotlight: S.L. Writes Courageous Content

Our Blogger Spotlight is:

S.L. Writes Courageous Content by Sarah L. Webb.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

When I started my blog, I was also teaching high school full time. The blog was a way for me to reclaim my identity as a writer, because I had been so consumed with education. After writing a few posts, reading a lot of material about how to blog, and getting feedback from readers, I realized that this medium of blogging could change the world, and was actually already changing the world. It was the platform I’d been waiting for most of my life to connect with people and help them by way of my writing and stories. 

When people come to your blog, what will they find?

When you come to S. L. Writes, you'll find courageous content, which I define as writing about courage or writing that takes courage.

What's the promise you make to people who visit your blog?

I promise that readers will be encouraged to live free and realize their true potential.

Who are your blogging inspirations or heroes?

I hope to discover them at this conference.

S.L. Writes Courageous Content's Top Three Blog Posts:

Why the Wrong Road Doesn't Seem so Bad at First

Can a Poet Raise a Boy to be a Man?

Sister to Sister: An Interview on Colorism