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And The Award Goes To...

After 7,000+ nominations and 1800+ votes for our 91 finalists, here are the winners of the 2007 Black Weblog Awards.

Unique to this year was the addition of our panel of ten judges, authorities in the fields of blogging, design, the Internet and good writing. Each category has two winners: a popular vote (the ones which you, the users, casted your ballots for) and the judges' vote (the top ranked picks from our judges).

Winners are listed after the break.

Best Blog Community
Popular Vote:
Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote:

Best Blog Design
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: Clutch Magazine

Best Blog Post or Blog Post Series
Popular Vote: "Who Killed Hip-Hop? On Some JFK Shit..."
Judges' Vote:
"What About Our Daughters Wins Battle!!!"

Best Business Blog
Popular Vote: Black In Business
Judges' Vote: Black In Business

Best Celebrity Blog
Popular Vote: Tyra Banks
Judges' Vote: ?uestlove

Best Culture Blog
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: Afrobella

Best Faith-Based Blog
Popular Vote: Are You There God? It's Me, Dawn
Judges' Vote: The Infidel Guy Show

Best Fictional Blog
Popular Vote: Fake Janice Combs
Judges' Vote: Life and Times of Ata Nafia...a (not) true story

Best Food Blog
Popular Vote: A Lot About Nothing
Judges' Vote:

Best Gossip Blog
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous

Best Group Blog
Popular Vote: Concrete Loop
Judges' Vote: Racialicious

Best Hip-Hop Blog
Popular Vote: Real Talk NY
Judges' Vote:
The Smoking Section

Best Humor Blog
Popular Vote: Crunk & Disorderly
Judges' Vote: Funky Brown Chick

Best International Blog
Popular Vote: Black Women in Europe
Judges' Vote: Black Women in Europe

Best LGBT Blog
Popular Vote: Keith Boykin
Judges' Vote:
Keith Boykin

Best Music Blog
Popular Vote: Real Talk NY
Judges' Vote:

Best New Blog
Popular Vote:
Judges' Vote: Stereohyped

Best Niche Blog
Popular Vote: Afrobella
Judges' Vote: Fly

Best Personal Blog
Popular Vote: The Beautiful Struggler
Judges' Vote:

Best Photo Blog
Popular Vote: The D-Nice Journal
Judges' Vote: | photoblog

Best Podcast
Popular Vote: HoodHype
Judges' Vote:
Friday Favecast

Best Political/News Blog
Popular Vote: The Field Negro
Judges' Vote: Jack and Jill Politics

Best Science/Technology Blog
Popular Vote: Nerd With Swag
Judges' Vote: Tiffany B. Brown

Best Sports/Recreation Blog
Popular Vote: The Starting Five
Judges' Vote: The Starting Five

Best Teen Blog
Popular Vote: My Teenage Years
Judges' Vote: Queer Kid of Color

Best Video Blog
Popular Vote: Love B. Scott
Judges' Vote: Ill Doctrine

Best Writing in a Blog
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote:

Black Blogger Achievement Award
Popular Vote: Keith Boykin
Judges' Vote: Baratunde Thurston

Blog of the Year
Popular Vote: Young, Black and Fabulous
Judges' Vote: What About Our Daughters?

Blog to Watch
Popular Vote: Real Talk NY
Judges' Vote: AverageBro

I'm sure there will be a lot of discussion about the winners, so feel free to leave a constructive comment below. No "this person should've won" type comments, please. You can also join our Google Group to get in on the discussions for future installments of the Awards.

Winners, please contact us via our contact form in order to receive your winners' graphic(s).

See you in 2008!

Voting Ends Today!

We'll be shutting down the voting booth at 4pm EDT today, so hurry and get those votes in if you still haven't already. You've only got a few hours left!

Voting Ends August 31 at 4PM EDT

Finalist voting will end on August 31 at 4PM EDT. We'll post this to the front page and through the MySpace/Google Group/Facebook/Twitter/Ning networks as well. Over 1500 voters so far!

Why Do I Have To Vote In Every Category?

"For your award survey to require folks to vote in all categories is [W]ack!"
"[W]hy is is mandatory to cast a vote for every single category even if I've never even heard of the blogs listed."
"[V]oting in every category is dumb - i only keep up with three blogs here; i'm voting for whatever in the rest"

This is probably the question we've been getting the most since the finalists were announced, so it's time we explained why the voting is done in this manner.

The Black Weblog Awards recognizes bloggers out there that work hard doing something which they love, and they love sharing that with all of us. As evidenced by the increasing number of categories over the years, that knowledge spreads across many different realms of knowledge and experience, and we think it would do those blogs who are finalists a great disservice if they didn't have an equal shot at everyone's vote.

The opinions above are a bit discouraging; even if you only visit the finalist blogs (or blogs within that genre) this one time for the sake of voting, it would behoove you to broaden your horizons past just the blogs you're familiar with and learn about some others. Who might stumble across one you like, and then you've got a new favorite blog to read!

We obviously can't control user intent; we can just hope that those voting will be proactive and smart enough to realize the importance and intent of the Awards, and use that information to vote accordingly.

This question and post will also be added to the FAQ page.

Disqualification for "Best Political/News Blog"

It has come to our attention that one of the finalists for the "Best Political/News Blog" has publicly admitted on their blog that they have used more than one e-mail address to vote in the Awards. After checking our database and the finalist's post which admits this, we have disqualified their blog,, from the "Best Political/News Blog" category, and any votes cast for that blog are now invalid.

We have promoted the fourth highest nominated blog for that category, The Field Negro, to their finalist spot.