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Best Automotive or Car Blog

Best Beauty Blog


Best Blog Post Series


Vizionz from the Bottom

Water Cooler Convos Blog

(im)migrating with a purpose


Single Black Male

Best Book or Author Blog

Living Happier After

Life According To Her

A Street Activist's Perspective

Best Business Blog

Teach Good Stuff

Janeane's World

Women Are Gamechangers


All Digitocracy

Best Entertainment Blog

Searching for My Star


Witches' Brew Online


Best Facebook Page

Witches' Brew Online

Entrée to Black Paris

Best Faith-Based Blog

In Search of His Face with Tracey Michae'l

Life In The Now Ministries

My Faith and Fitness

Best Fashion Blog

Fashion of Culture

Product of Society

Best Film Blog (Provisional)

The Urban Film Stage

Best Fitness Blog (Provisional)

GetFit or GetFat

300 Pounds and Running

Best Food Blog

Chewsy Lovers

Brown Sugar

The Sophisticated Life

Runaway Apricot

No Gojis No Glory

Best Gaming or Comics Blog


Fan Bros Show

Best Group Blog

Witches' Brew Online

Best Health or Wellness Blog

Black Weight Loss Success

Powered By Soul

Hurt 2 Healing

300 Pounds and Running

Best Humor Blog (Provisional)

Witches' Brew Online

Best Instagram Feed

GetFit or GetFat

The Sophisticated Life

Brother Jesse

Dr. Drai OBGYN

Best International Blog

HMAAC Global Griot

The Naked Convos

(im)migrating with a purpose

Entrée to Black Paris



Best LGBT Blog

MUSED Magazine Online

Best Music Blog

Digging Discography



Best New Blog



Lady of Purpose Network

Product of Society

Write On


Water Cooler Convos Blog

Y I'm Writeous

Table of Conscious

The Reflections of a Good Woman

Chris And L

Asis Chronicle

Best Original Graphic Design in a Blog

Best Parenting Blog

Daddy Realness

"Crazy" Baby Mamas

Best Personal Blog


Vizionz from the Bottom

Everything EnJ

That Former Sidekick Girl

Write On


The Sophisticated Life

She Writes

Ariel Says Now

Classy, BlackGirl.

The Enigmatic Perspective

Pretty Pink Living

Best Photography in a Blog (Provisional)

No Gojis No Glory


Best Pinterest

Entrée to Black Paris

Best Plus Size Fashion Blog (Provisional)

Best Podcast

The Girl Just Quit Podcast

The Black Astronauts Podcast

The Spawn On Me Podcast

The Shiznit Show

Fan Bros Show

The Effwhatuheard Radio Show

The Read

Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL)

Best Political or News Blog

Product of Society

Polite on Society

Water Cooler Convos Blog

Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL)

Good Black News

Take Another Look with Ashahed M. Muhammad

All Digitocracy

Best Science or Technology Blog

The Rockstar Anthropologist


Best Sex or Relationship Blog

The Naked Convos

Code Red Flag

Best Sports Blog (Provisional)

The Introspective

Pound 4 Pound Boxing Report

Product of Society

Best Travel Blog

I Luv 2 Globe Trot

The Sophisticated Life

Entrée to Black Paris

(im)migrating with a purpose


Best Twitter Feed




Best Tumblr

What Whites Will Never Know

Best Tutorial Blog or Vlog

Best Video Blog

"Medical T" (TIPS) by Dr. Drai

Best Writing in a Blog


Vizionz from the Bottom

Write On

The Sophisticated Life

Womanist Expressions

(im)migrating with a purpose


Product of Society

Musings of Krav

Knowledge Maven

Asis Chronicle

Hashtag of the Year





Outstanding Achievement in Online Activism

Product of Society

Water Cooler Convos Blog

Stop the Cover Up


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Update on BWA 2007 Logo Design Contest

Real talk: To date, we haven't gotten a single contest entry. The contest still ends on May 15, but unless we get some entries coming in, we'll have to end it and come up with a design to show on the site by June 20.

If you have something you want to submit, check the entry on the Black Weblog Awards group titled BWA 2007 Logo Design Contest for more information.

BWA 2007 Logo Design Contest

Right now, we're looking for a new logo design for this year's Awards. This design will be the official logo of the Awards; we can't, unfortunately, use the design from last year's Awards, and we want to keep a different visual appearance for the Awards each year. There's not really have a specific "look" that we're going for (the last two years sort of revolved around a 70's type theme), so any suggestions are more than welcome.

If you would like to submit a design for consideration, here are the guidelines:

  • 300 dpi resolution

  • Vector art only (Adobe Illustrator .AI or .EPS or Macromedia Freehand .EPS)

  • File size < 3MB (contact me if you have a larger size)

Also, here's how the design will be used:

  • Website design will be built around the logo

  • Logo will be used in any advertising campaigns (print or online)

  • Future merchandising opportunities

Of course, the designer will be fully credited anywhere the logo is used.

If you know any graphic designers out there who would like to contribute their talents towards the Awards, please refer them here. The logo contest will officially begin on March 15, 2007 and will end on May 15, 2007. The designs will be posted in the group and on the website where people can comment on which designs they like the most; this will go on from May 20, 2007 - June 15, 2007. On June 20, 2007, the top logo design will be announced.

We're looking forward to seeing the submissions!

New Black Weblog Awards Google Group

Happy new year! Behind the scenes, we've been a bit lax with getting forward on this year's awards. With the 2007 BWAs a little less than six months away, we've been herding together a couple of different ideas, but really, the awards are about tell us what you want. We're open to any and all suggestions for new categories, categories to nix for this year, name it. And in order for us to really really do this, we've started up a Black Weblog Awards Google Group. Feel free to join and post your ideas so you can have a direct dialogue with the folks behind the BWAs and really get your input heard (instead of us having to find it through Technorati). Just sign up below. Thanks!

Subscribe to Black Weblog Awards


Visit this group

2006 BWA Postmortem

It's closing time. The votes have been counted. The Awards have been distributed, and now we can take a look back at what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we can do in the future to help make it better.


We tried to make it as fair as possible by letting people nominate their favorite blogs in each of the 21 categories. Boy, did that blow up in our faces. Clearly, the mass nominations were NOT working, and making the final votes open didn't help either. However, most people played it fair and we didn't have to do anything drastic to keep the votes legit other than weed out spam comments. And there were plenty of them! For 2007, we're thinking of ways to make it fair and even, but still representative of the black blogospheres out there. One way we've thought to do this was draft a committee of people to pick nominations for the categories. But do we pick bloggers? Non-bloggers? Bloggers could work best, but what if they picked their own sites? And would people on the committee be eligible to win prizes for their sites? If we did the committee system, they would not be eligible. But if we got non-bloggers on the committee, then people would decry who they nominated because -- surprise, surprise -- they don't blog. It's a slippery slope that I hope we'll climb over the next few months. Because August 2007 will be here before we know it and that'll be a wrap, baby.


It's come to our attention that some finalists still have NOT received prizes and that some prize donators have NOT gotten in contact with the winners. The thing is, we can't really crack the whip on people and say "Hey, you said you were going to do it!" We've tried. It doesn't work, and generally just makes the donators mad. Please, if you're a winner who hasn't received your prize or if you're a donator who hasn't been able to get in touch with a winner, "drop us a line": and we'll do our best to straighten it out. Next year, we will probably definitely cut the prize aspect OUT. Having prizes is a good idea, but the Awards are really about recognition, and it ends up being more on the back end that we have to do after the Awards are announced. Tracking down winners for physical awards was really just an "extra" that we thought would be cool. Who knew it would end up creating such a hassle because some people want to remain anonymous and others don't want to give on what they've promised?


Was 21 too many? Was 10 not enough? It's a split decision in our camp, and judging from the e-mails we received during the Awards, it seemed like 21 was too many. It's hard to say what we should keep and what should go. Some categories had a ton of nominations, and others had just a few. Again, it goes back to the nominations and voting. We got e-mails saying that we should have "picked" this blog for a category. Keep in mind that there was no "picking" going on; we left it up to the people, and unfortunately, they chose the same folks over and over again. One thing that switching to a committee-based voting system would do is even out the nominatins across the categories, not to mention give more depth to the Awards than the network of well-known and well-networked blogs. For now though, I think we'll keep our 21 categories. Who knows though? A "Best Food Blog" award could be in the future....


Of course, there's several things with the Awards which we hardly were able to delve into this year. Advertising is one thing -- originally, we got by on word of mouth to let people know about them. However, we may start stepping it up into doing Internet or print ads in the future. Sponsorship is another thing -- the Awards have always been free (as in speech and beer), but a little financial backing could do wonders in many areas we discussed before. This year, we used a startup company called Wufoo for our form provider, and that worked well. I'm sure Wufoo will be around for years to come, so we'll probably use them next year as well. Don't worry -- we hopefully won't have the same issues with links as we did this year on the form. We have other big ideas for the Awards too, but right now isn't the best time to utilize them since..well...we're just not there yet. But with time and support comes progress, so as long as we have that, we should be OK.

So again, thanks to the winners, thanks to our donors, thanks to Wufoo and thanks to you, the people, for helping to make the Black Weblog Awards a reality. Any relevant suggestions you have out there for us are more than welcome. And we might even reply too! But seriously, we want to make the Black Weblog Awards a good thing for everyone, so if you have suggestions, make 'em plain and let us know.

Voting Has Now Closed

Check back on September 3 for the winners!