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Why Do Some Categories Have (More|Less) Finalists?


The long answer? An issue we ran into this year is that some categories did not receive as many nominations as others, and so, we had to adjust the finalists in those categories accordingly. For this year, you'll see that there are only two finalists for Best Business Blog, because the other 36 blogs nominated did not fit the criteria of that category. For Best Celebrity Blog, we only had four nominees that could be considered real celebrities that actually maintained their own blog (not a fansite or celeb gossip) out of the 82 blogs nominated for that category. And for the Black Blogger Achievement Award, only four out of the 120 blogs nominated had actually been blogging since January 1, 2003, as stipulated in the category description.

Still asking or wondering why? Read the short answer again.

Vote Now For The Finalists!

Well, after sifting through the 7000+ nominations, the finalists for this year's Black Weblog Awards have been selected. Like last year, I'm sure there will be much contention over this year's finalists as years before (something I'll have to address in another entry), but please keep in mind that these are the people who got the top three number of nominations for their category. Unique to this year are the judges, who will look at all the blogs nominated to select their favorites. The winners in each category will be announced on September 5.

Now get to voting!

Nominations Are Now Closed

Nominations for this year's Black Weblog Awards have now closed. Here's what we're looking at:

1811 Ballots
7266 Nominations

Now to go through the task of selecting the finalists and alerting the judges to begin their task of going through all the blogs nominated and select their picks.

The finalist forms will go up tomorrow! Thanks to you all for a monumental effort!

Nominations End August 15 at 4PM EDT

Due to the overwhelming number of nominations for this year's Awards, nominations will close at 4PM EDT on August 15. This will allow us time to set up the finalist forms and send out the list of full nominations out to all the judges.


Clearing Up Confusing Categories

So based on some of the feedback we've been receiving over the past few days, it would appear a good number of folks are a bit confused about the categories. So I wanted to just take a few minutes to give the breakdown on what we're discovering are the categories people are having the most trouble with and offer some clarification.

1. Best Podcast and Best Music Blog
Podcasts can be about music, but music blogs don't necessarily have to have podcasts. And by podcasts, we mean downloadable files of original audio content. If you just put up an mp3 file of a recording artists with no kind of additional audio commentary or context, then it's just a music file, isn't it?

2. Best Hip-Hop Blog and Best Music Blog
Now this was probably the most overwhelming addition to the Awards from the members of our Google group. The rationale was that there are many other music blogs out there that feature different genres of music, such as jazz, Caribbean and many others. So sorry folks, THESE TWO CATEGORIES ARE NOT THE SAME.

3. Best Gossip Blog and Best Hip-Hop Blog
This distinction was a huge source of contention last year because some popular celebrity gossip blogs got top nominations in the best hip-hop blog category. We tried this year to really make a distinction between the two, because both genres do have overlapping aspects which it seems most voters can't tell the difference between.

4. Best Group Blog and Best Blog Community
By a "group blog", we mean one blog which has several different authors. A blog community can be one blog with an active comment base, or a group of several blogs which have one main page just for that community.

5. Best Celebrity Blog and Best Gossip Blog
This one is easy. Best Gossip Blog is for blogs which...well...gossip about celebrities. Best Celebrity Blog is a blog which is written by a celebrity. You know...people you see on TV, in movies, and listen to on the radio. Best Celebrity Blog is not a blog written by a regular person ABOUT a celebrity.

6. Best Culture Blog and Best Hip-Hop Blog
This is another category in which people thought they should be one in the same. Not the case. There is a lot more to Black culture than hip-hop. Theater, films, arts and crafts, beauty,'s a large category to pick from.

7. Black Blogger Achievement Award
Next year, we may have to rename this, because it seems to be category which the most people nominate blogs from without reading the category description: "This category is for bloggers that have been blogging visibly since January 1, 2003." So this is for people who have been blogging for five years or more. And we have to be able to tell from the blog that you've been blogging for five years or more. That means we need to see archives...a record of your past posts for the past five years or more. Granted, a lot of folks really jumped on the blogging game in the past two years or so, but there are black bloggers out there that have been doing this for a good long while. This award recognizes them -- those Black bloggers that have paved the way for the rest of us.

I hope these explanations clear up any obfuscation which may have surrounded these categories.