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Donate to the Black Weblog Awards

We've now set up a donation account through Paypal for those would like to contribute a financial donation to the Black Weblog Awards. Donating to the Black Weblog Awards not only ensures that the Awards continue on for years to come, but they also make the Awards bigger and better! Your donations go towards the following services:

* Front-end website development (web design and graphic design)
* Back-end website development and maintenance (bandwidth costs, server space)
* Future merchandising opportunities
* Prizes, if instituted, for future awards
* Advertising efforts (print and online)

All of those who donate will also have their name listed on the Black Weblog Awards website under our "Sponsors" Section. Just go to to donate. Thank you for supporting your friendly, neighborhood Black Weblog Awards!

Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers?

In case you STILL need a reason as to why the Black Weblog Awards are important, check out this video by Loren Feldman of 1938 Media.

And if it leaves you as offended as it did me, make sure you leave him a comment.

While Feldman makes the careless and base assumption that his stereotyped pantomime equals how technology is used by Black people, the video shows that this pervasive stereotype is still what White people (particularly the large monoculture of White males in the field of Internet development) think of when it comes to Black folks coming into their arenas. That automatic lapse into a gold chain wearing, slang talking pimp is a main reason we have the Awards: to show there's more to Black people than some hackneyed ape act.

Furthermore, it's a dangerous belief to have when you have Black people all over the world trying to get into that arena, but can't because this perception is still looming in the background. The cultural homogeneity is stifling.

The internet...a truly democratized medium indeed.

Anyway, I really needed to get that off my chest. Make sure you head on over to the site, read the rules and categories, and vote appropriately. Thanks again for your support.

Nominating/Voting More Than Once Only Hurts The Blogs

As of this posting, duplicate ballots submitted will not count towards nomination or voting counts for the Black Weblog Awards. I just had to make a somewhat messy example out of a semi-prominent activist/journalist for voting for herself over five times, each time using a different e-mail address and name.

Folks, we want the Black Weblog Awards to be fair, and for everyone out there to have a chance to nominate their favorites and vote for the finalists. So keep in mind that we are taking a zero-tolerance approach to this, so tell your peoples if you have to.

Got questions? You know how to reach us.

This Year's Categories: Too Many or Not Enough?

So here's a slice of the feedback we've received via the Black Weblog Awards website:

"Can I vote again? There are too many categories here for me to just vote once."
"I think that a couple of categories need to be included in the future: Best Fashion Blog and Best Beauty Blog. There are numerous AA blogs in those two categories that should be given a chance to be recognized."
"Why are there all these dam [sic] categories? I dont [sic] think there are this many black blogs in the world."
"How come there's no 'Best Gaming Blog' category? I run a video game site, and I feel left out of the awards yet again this year."
"Way too many damn categories for this year...stop trying to be all things for all blogs and just keep it light."

It's always interesting to hear the feedback on categories because it never seems like a balance can be reached. The number of categories has grown a lot since we began in 2005 (we had 11 categories). 2006 has 21, and I never would've thought we'd reach 30, but we have. I think that growth, in part, really speaks to the growing diverse nature of the blogosphere, because there's a little bit of something for everyone. And it's hard to do something like this without somehow, unfortunately, leaving someone out. Of course, we can't add categories now, because that wouldn't be fair to people who have already voted, so it's something we're going to continually work on for next year's Awards.

On the other hand...I do realize that there are a large number of categories, and folks will only vote for what they know and leave the other fields blank. Voting, great civil right that it is, does inherently involve a level of both self-knowledge and external research in order to vote properly. We do encourage all the people who are not only nominating their favorite blogs, but also soliciting others to vote for them, really read the categories' descriptions and ask if it applies to your blog. Last year, we got raked over the coals because people said the rules and the categories were too much to read, voted without that knowledge in mind, and then people were mad because the popular vote ruled more towards sites which owners of those sites said they didn't fit in.

Personally, I feel like if we pare the category numbers down, we'll be excluding more blogs. However, if we add more categories, we'll may lose more voters.

What do you think?

A Few Tips Before Submitting Your Nomination(s)

So it's Day 2 of the Awards, and as of this writing, we've got well over 650+ nominations from over 140+ users. A great start so far! Thanks to all of you for your continued support and participation, because it's going to be a wild ride from now until the Awards end at the end of August.

However, I do feel that I should throw y'all a know, give you a little bit of insight into what goes on behind the scenes and what you can do as a participant to ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

For starters, all of the nominations are double-checked. The first check happens when you submit your ballot; the code checks to make sure your URL has an http:// and that it the form hasn't been spammed with multiple entries for one site. The second check is a human check - we go through each of the nominations daily to make sure the URLs submitted are valid. We bring up each URL into a new browser to make sure it goes to the actual site. Now you can imagine that after a while, this process becomes fairly quick, as we can spot these URLs from a mile away if they're correct.

There are a few things you should know though, before you submit your nomination:

1. We do not correct misspelled or malformed URLs, so make sure that when you submit your ballot, the URL is correct. In this age of computers, copy and paste is your best friend (it's certainly ours). So please, do not put any apostrophes, commas, spaces, equal signs, yellow moons, purple hearts or green clovers in your URL; those make the URLs invalid, and they will not be counted.

2. If the blog is just part of a larger website, make sure the URL you submit is directly to the blog. This helps us out IMMENSELY so we don't have to navigate through a bunch of cruft to find the actual blog being nominated. For example. if the site is "" and the blog is at "", put in "" as the URL for nomination. This is especially important in the "Best Blog Post or Best Post Series" category.

3. If the blog you're nominating has more than one URL, make sure you are using the ACTUAL URL and not a domain redirect, because we count those nominations separately, not together. Let me give you an example. Say you have a Blogspot blog, but you also bought a domain -, for example - to redirect users to your Blogspot blog. Technically, both domains go to the site, but the address is the true blog URL because that's where the content is originally created and hosted. Each of those URLs are counted, in the system, as separate blogs, and we will NOT combine those nominations. However, if it's a case where one person enters a URL as and another enters it as, that's fine. Just make sure it's the actual URL, and not a redirected domain name.

We will only use those nominations of the original host blog. We explained the example to our PHP programmer using Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay, to which he replied "His mamma named him Clay, I'mma call him Clay."

Ah...back in the days when Eddie was funny. We won't even TALK about "Norbert"....

4. Above all else, make sure you read the rules and the categories before you submit your nominations. Reading is fundamental, y'all.

Alright, that's my piece for today. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.