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New Website Coming Soon

The new website will be up this weekend. As far as logistics goes, we've run into quite a few snags leading up to the Awards, but rest assured, once things start on August 1, we'll be good to go!

In the meantime, you can check out the other project we're involved with which will prove to be a great success -- the "*Blogging While Brown Conference*":

For those of you who are involved in our Google Group, continue to give us your suggestions for future involvement. Thanks!

2007 Black Weblog Awards Categories

Alright folks, after much deliberation, the final list of this year's 2007 Black Weblog Awards Categories is complete. Some categories have been renamed, and many more have been added.

Including the submissions to this group, there are now THIRTY categories for this year's Awards! Another big addition is that each category will have TWO winners -- a public vote winner and one chosen by our panel of judges (details to follow). I haven't finished all the official rules yet, but here are some basic ones to go by until the official rules are released:

  • All nominees' blogs must have frequent updates with fresh content.

  • All nominees' blogs must accurately fit the categories in which they're nominated.

Last year, we ran into the issue of people putting one site in each blank and then submitting their ballots. I can tell you that this year, thanks to our awesome form programmer, that won't be happening. And if it does, they won't be able to vote again until the finalists are announced. It sucks, but that's life.

There's still a lot more work to be done, but for now, here are the categories (and their descriptions):

1. Best Blog Community
This category is for a community or collection of blogs. Webrings and wikis are included, provided there is a central "home" website for them.

2. Best Blog Design
This category is for blogs that incorporate a unique and eye-catching visual web design.

3. Best Blog Post or Blog Post Series (Formerly "Best Original Content")
This category is for a single post in a blog or a series of posts in a blog about a particular topic. Posts can be fiction or non-fiction, but post series must be linked by a common and identifiable theme with the ability to skip forward or backwards through the series (for judging purposes).

4. Best Business Blog
This category is for blogs that talk about the modern business world (advertising, stock market, business trends, etc.).

5. Best Celebrity Blog
This category is for blogs which are written by famous celebrities (people of considerable prominence, renown and fame). The blog must be written by the celebrity themselves (for judging purposes).

6. Best Culture Blog
This category is for blogs which talk about Black culture in a multifaceted and dynamic way.

7. Best Faith-Based Blog
This category is for blogs which feature unique religious and spiritual content.

8. Best Fictional Blog
This category is for blogs which have over 90% fictional content (as determined by post number). Mainly, these are blogs which are about fictional characters and must be stated as such somewhere on the blog. Think of it as a soap opera or a book, but in blog form.

9. Best Food Blog
This category is for blogs which focus on food, food reviews or food preparation methods. Blogs may also include restaurant reviews.

10. Best Gossip Blog (Formerly "Best Pop Culture Blog")
This category is for blogs that focus on satire and lampooning of pop culture and celebrities for entertainment purposes.

11. Best Group Blog
This category is for a single blog which is updated by a group of people (three or more people). This blog can be about any topic. Posts must indicate who the author is for each one; it cannot be one person masquerading as different people (for judging purposes).

12. Best Hip-Hop Blog
This category is for blogs that focus primarily on hip-hop culture, including fashion, business or current events.

13. Best Humor Blog
This category is for humor blogs or blogs which feature humorous content.

14. Best International Blog
This category is for blogs of any topic that are based in countries other than the United States. The country of origin for the blog must be clearly identified (for judging purposes).

15. Best LGBT Blog
This category is for blogs that relate to or are about the LGBT community. No pornography, please (for judging purposes).

16. Best Music Blog
This category is for blogs that focus on music; blogs can provide downloadable mp3s, and should cover more than one genre of music. The majority of the blog should be about music, not celebrity entertainment.

17. Best New Blog
This category is for blogs of any topic which have been started on or after January 1, 2007.

18. Best Niche Blog (Formerly "Best Topical Blog")
This category is for blogs of topics not included in the present Black Weblog Awards categories. (Hey, we can't catch 'em all!)

19. Best Personal Blog
This category is for blogs which feature the opinions of the author. Blogs do not have to adhere to a specific theme.

20. Best Photo Blog
This category is for blogs which feature the blog author's photographs.

21. Best Podcast
This category highlights podcasts -- serialized audio files available to download -- on any topic. Podcasts must be available for download (mp3 format); no strict Flash audio sites unless there's an option for downloading the shows (for judging purposes).

22. Best Political/News Blog
This category is for blogs which are about politics or current newsworthy topics.

23. Best Science/Technology Blog (Formerly "Best Technology Blog")
This category is for blogs which feature content about technology, the Internet, and the various realms of science.

24. Best Sports/Recreation Blog
This category is for blogs which talk all about sports and sports players.

25. Best Teen Blog
This category is for blogs of any topic where the author is anywhere from 13-19 years old. The age of the author must be easily identifiable (for judging purposes).

26. Best Video Blog
This category highlights blogs which feature original video content by the blog's author on any topic. Blog content must be primarily video content (at least 90% of posts, for judging purposes).

27. Best Writing in a Blog
This category is for blogs which have exceptional writing. This category is judged not on a single post basis, but on the overall posts of the blog.

28. Black Blogger Achievement Award
This category is for bloggers that have been blogging visibly since January 1, 2003. This award can only be won once (sorry George and Lynne...we still love ya).

29. Blog of the Year
This category is pretty self-explanatory; the blog of the year has it all: great writing, frequent posts, active comments, and a strong reader base.

30. Blog to Watch
This category highlights the best "undiscovered" blog in the blogosphere; keep your eye on this one! This is for that great blog that not everyone knows about...but should!

Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Fresh out of Photoshop are the new 2007 promotional graphics bearing the new logo of this year's Black Weblog Awards (masterfully created by Zilla of Zilla Says, winner of the 2006 Best Blog Design Award by the Black Weblog Awards.

You can download the graphics at the link below (ZIP). In the file, are six graphics in the following sizes:


If you need a custom size other than the ones listed here, feel free to contact us with the dimensions needed and I'll get to work on creating one.

Black Weblog Awards Mentioned on NPR

Great news! I just got word that the Black Weblog Awards were mentioned on the Friday broadcast of NPR's "News and Notes" with host Farai Chideya!

For those who may not have heard of the program, "News and Notes" is an NPR broadcast hour-long radio program which features everyone and everything from newsmakers to performers, health to finance, all from an African-American perspective.

The Black Weblog Awards was mentioned in the segment "Every Blogger is a Star at the Webby's" with new media commentators Mario Armstrong and Gary Dauphin. You can click on the aforementioned link to listen to the segment online.

June 2007 Update

NOTE: More information about these topics is in the Black Weblog Awards Google Group. You have joined, haven't you?


Due to the low number of entries for the contest, the rules have changed.

As of June 1, 11:59pm, the Black Weblog Awards Logo Contest will be over, and a thread will be put up so the group can vote on this year's logo based on the ones located in the "Files" section of the group. So far, we have two entries by Zilla and two entries by Andre -- if you want your logo included in the running, hurry up and submit! Go to the "BWA 2007 Logo Design Contest" for information on submission.

On June 2, a new thread will be opened for people to vote, and the thread will stay open until June 5. The winning logo will be picked, and will be used for this year's Awards.


This month, the new categories will be picked for this year's Awards. A few days ago, I threw out the idea about just including ALL the new category suggestions, contingent upon whether or not dual winners (judges vote and public vote) will be awarded, or if both judges and the public vote will be weighted and averaged to determine the winner. Go to the "New Category Suggestions" thread if you have a suggestion for new categories. Once I come to a decision (or I hear some input from the group on the suggestions), the thread will be closed (June 15 at the latest); this will also give me time to work on the voting system.


This is basically a reiteration of what's included in the "2007 BWA
Judging Criteria" thread. The two main questions I want group input on are 1) what do you think the weighting percentages should be for the judging and 2) should we do dual winners (judges and public) or one winner where the judges and public vote are weighted and averaged?

I'm also going to be looking for a cross-section of judges -- bloggers, non-bloggers, etc. -- for this month's Awards. I haven't
hashed out those criteria yet, but they should be knowledgeable about blogs, websites, the Internet and web design in order to be good judges. Again, I'm still working on it.